Heater Hire – The Affordable Way to Make Your Event a Wintertime Success

08 May 2017

Full-blown wintertime is just a couple of weeks away, so if you are planning on hosting an event, you are probably a bit worried about how you’re going to keep your guests warm and toasty. Remember – chilly guests are often grumpy and a lot less attentive! Luckily, outdoor or indoor heater hire is a fantastic option for events… and it is also super affordable! Here’s what to look out for before choosing a heater for rent:

  • Consider Where Your Event is Taking Place 

Is it an indoor event? Or will your guests be spending at least some of their time outdoors? While a few basic bar heaters may suffice for an indoor event (depending on the size of the venue, of course), you will need to be a bit more selective when it comes to choosing heaters for rent for an outdoor event. The models you choose should be sturdy, wind-resistant and rain protected. Each heater should also have a handy ‘tip over’ switch that automatically turns the heater off should it accidentally get knocked over.

  • Consider When You Will Need the Heaters 

If your event will be moving indoors and outdoors, you may also consider renting heaters that are easy to move around. Therefore, you will be able to save some money as opposed to renting separate heaters for indoors and outdoors. There are a variety of models that are perfectly suitable for use both indoors and outdoors.

All in all, keeping the winter chill at bay shouldn’t be a problem… now you just have to find a trustworthy heater hire company!

Enter Talisman Hire! As leading specialists in tools for rental in South Africa, we also offer reputable heater hire services to our clients. Whether you’re looking for complex power tools and equipment or a basic heater, we’ve got you covered. For more information about Talisman plant and tool hire, please do not hesitate to get in touch.