Heavy duty breakers

25 October 2011

Renovations and corrections to existing construction is not possible without the help from heavy duty breakers to clear away previous construction efforts. These could include the likes of concrete slabs, driveways (tar roads/paving) and/or indoor concrete floors and walls as these could hinder the construction process if not properly evacuated.

Breakers are needed to chisel the area that you want to get rid of. The refuse will then be transported to a given site once it has been cut into smaller pieces that are more manageable. Using heavy duty breakers makes site development possible due to the fact that they can clear away obstructions in the construction workers path.

What to look for when hiring heavy duty breakers

It is important to keep in mind what your project encompasses when choosing heavy duty breakers. Check the type of material and its thickness  you need to break away  before hiring the equipment deemed necessary to complete the project. When heavy duty breakers are necessary, you should consider the size and quality of the breakers. Indoor jobs might require a more compact and lighter model to enable working in limited space. Some breakers are equipped with AVR (Anti Vibration Regulation)  that boasts a low vibration cipher, not only to minimise noise but to combat counter productivity due to unwanted vibrations.

How Talisman Hire can help you

The professionals at Talisman Hire have been in and around the construction business for an abundance of years (since 1993). The experienced staff at Talisman will be able to advise you on the appropriate equipment you will need to complete your project. Save time, money and unnecessary hassles by partnering with Talisman – we are here to help you with heavy duty breakers and any other tool or equipment needs you may have!

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