Nail Guns

24 June 2011

Getting different materials stuck onto hard surfaces, such as concrete, mortar and steel, with a Hilti gun has made many constructions projects much easier. Also known as a ramset gun, these power tools range in velocity (low and high) and function as a nail gun in construction projects.

Many professional contractors use these guns as they are built to fasten anything from a mirror in residential dry walling to steel sheets on concrete floors. Hilti power tools are recognised as one of the leading brands of ramset guns – make a tough task easy with these industrial tools!

How Hilti guns work:

A small explosion takes place within the power tool when the trigger is pressed and this process is very similar to the process that takes place within a firearm. This type of technology was developed during World War II in order to fix damaged ships.

Types of Hilti guns available

The two broad categories of Hilti guns are high velocity and low velocity. The high velocity power tools are the ones that work similarly to a firearm (the nail shoots towards the fastener) and low velocity power tools have more intricate systems. For domestic purposes, low velocity Hilti guns are ideal whereas high velocity Hilti guns are used in concrete, brick and steel (in industrial applications).

Some of the Hilti guns available to the market include the following:

  • Cordless Hilti guns: Get into the toughest places or work in remote locations. Remember to get rechargeable batteries if you are interested in cordless ramset guns.
  • Hilti concrete: These power tools are specifically designed to break through this tough stone
  • Hilti gun: This type of tool usually refers to the range of nail guns available by Hilti

Hiring or buying hilti guns in South Africa

Talisman has a range of Hilti guns in stock that handle nails and studs up to 47mm in length. We also offer blanks (fasteners) for narrower channels, tracks and profiles. For more information on these handy power tools, whether you are looking to buy a Hilti gun or hire one for a specific project, contact one of the Talisman Hire branches in South Africa!

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