Hiring the right concrete mixer

02 May 2016

Mixing large amounts of concrete can be challenging if you’re trying to get the job done by hand. Concrete mixers make the job easier for both DIY projects at home as well as large, commercial projects.

It’s important to know what type of concrete mixer you should use to get the job done. The size of the mixer is the most important consideration. Large projects will require a large concrete mixture so that you can mix large quantities at once. If you are busy with a particularly big project, then you can even consider a bulk concrete mixer. Take note that these mixers run on diesel.

Tilting concrete mixers are better suited from smaller projects. They are easy to operate because you can simply tilt over the mixture once all of the mixing is done.

Another thing to keep in mind is the location and area where the mixer will be used. Some concrete mixers have small solid wheels and can be manoeuvred by hand while other mixers have larger pneumatic wheels that can be towed on site. A few more pointers to keep in mind:

  • Get the right safety gear: You should wear protective clothing, construction boots and safety goggles when using a mixer.
  • Set it up properly: A concrete mixer needs to be set on a level surface. Also try to set up the mixer near a water supply. Read the manufacturer’s specifications so that you don’t try to mix too much concrete at once.
  • Clean the mixer: Concrete mixers always have to be properly cleaned after use. Do this as soon as possible as the concrete that is left in the mixer can harden, making it much more difficult to clean.

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