How To Choose The Right Compressor

28 May 2018

Thinking about choosing the right air compressor, but not sure where to start? The choices can be overwhelming.

  • First, you want to identify the projects you plan to do. You probably already know that compressors can be used for inflating tyres and sports balls, but they can be used for so much more. Air compressors are also used to:
  •  Clean crevices and tight spaces
  • Install wall trims
  • Build and paint furniture
  • Create a headboard
  • Paint applications
  •  and more.
  • Once you know your range of projects, you can determine which compressor you should be renting. Perhaps you simply want to inflate a few tyres and balls. In this case, portable compressors are ideal.
  • Compressors are powered by various power sources, such as , 12 Volt, 220 Volt and Petrol. If you have fastening projects, consider a small inflation and fastening compressor. They can run nails and staplers, so you can:
  • Install door trim
  • Upholster furniture
  • Build decks
  • Frame a room
  • and Build roof shingles.
  • If you need to repair lawn equipment, rotate tyres, or spray paint something, you will need a larger compressor. The specific size of compressor you need will depend on the tools you plan to use. Some tools require more air; you can check this on the tool’s label by looking for the “SCFM” specification, which stands for standard cubic feet per minute.
  • Talisman Hire has a wide range of compressors for hire. Our helpful staff can also guide you to make sure you rent the right one. Visit one of our stores today.