How to Choose the Right Concrete Mixer for Your Project

15 April 2018

While not all construction projects, whether professional or home-based, call for a concrete mixer, there are many instances that you won’t be able to do without one. The good news is that it is quite easy to find a quality concrete mixer for hire at a reasonable price from TALISMAN. Here are tips for choosing the right cement mixer for your project, ensuring that you get the best possible bang for your buck.

  • Size

    There are many different sizes of concrete mixers for hire, and the one that you select will depend on the size of the project that you’re undertaking. For example, if you are pouring concrete foundations, you’ll need a much larger mixer than if you are simply touching up your patio at home. In instances such as these, you might even want to consider opting for a portable mini mixer. Remember, the larger the cement mixer that you choose, the bigger its internal capacity and the more cement it will be able to mix at any given time.

  • Speed and Power

    Commercial construction projects will probably require concrete mixers that provide enhanced speed and power, to allow for better quality results, as well as reduced mixing times.

  • Location

    Will you be working on your project in an area where there are no electrical outlets? In this case, electricity-powered cement mixers for hire are out of the question. Instead, you’ll need to rent a concrete mixer that is powered by a petrol engine.

When in search of professional construction equipment for hire, it pays to turn to Talisman Hire. We are able to supply you with a wide range of concrete mixers for hire at prices sure to fit in with your budget. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.