How to clean dirty or mouldy concrete

16 January 2017

If the concrete or paving in your outside areas is looking stained or mouldy, it can really detract from your home’s appeal. If you’ve tried good old fashioned elbow grease using soap, a scrubbing brush and a garden hose and are still left with stains, it may be time to tackle the job using a high pressure washer. You’re unlikely to have one of these lying about the house, so rent a high pressure washer to have your concrete surfaces sparkling like new in no time!


Our tips on using a high pressure washer:


Wear goggles

As with all power tools and equipment a high pressure washer is no toy. Wear goggles to protect your eyes from jets of water as well as debris that may fly up during washing.


Clear the area

Make sure the area to be cleaned is free of toys, furniture and other items that may be damaged if they come into contact with extreme water pressure.


Set up correctly

A powerful piece of equipment such as a high pressure washer for hire from a tool rental company such as Talisman Plant & Tool Hire can be dangerous if used  incorrectly. Read the manual thoroughly before starting to clean.


Use different spray tips

For wide expanses, use a fan tip for the most coverage. Small, isolated areas (or especially stubborn individual stains) should be tackled using a spear tip.


Use detergent for tough dirt

While some areas may come clean just from water pressure alone, tough stains may require soap. Most high pressure washers allow you to feed detergent through the mechanism. Once the area has been sprayed with soapy water, let the soap sit for 5 minutes before spraying with clean water.


Be careful of plants and grass

The force created by a high pressure cleaner is quite impressive. Avoid spraying on plants and grass as this may cause damage to your garden.


To find out more about how to rent a high pressure washer, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.