How to clean your blocked drain

08 August 2016

The first thing to think about when unblocking a clogged drain is what tools you will require. If you don’t have your own selection of tools and equipment, contact your local tool rental company for assistance. Using the right tools to clean a blocked drain is absolutely essential.

Drain rods that are available for hire typically come in sets that screw together so it is important to take care while using them to ensure that they don’t unscrew. This can result in one or more of the rods being lost in the sewer system. The rods are available with a variety of attachments such as retrieving heads, scraping tools, plungers and so on. Of course these types of plumbing equipment are best used in drain systems with access chambers and rodding points.
If you have a system that has a variety of traps and tricky bends to negotiate, rodding might not be the solution. If you’re trying to free the blocked drain from solids and paper, you will find a rod system highly effective. Keep in mind that rods will pierce through grease, fat and even tree roots, so if the blockage quickly builds up again, you will know that the problem is a little more complicated than a simple blocked drain.

The first signs of a blocked drain is that the toilets, baths and basins do not draining properly. Below are a few tips on how to clean your blocked drains with a drain rod set:

  • Very important: always wear gloves when trying to clear a blocked drain.
  • You will require the following tools / equipment: drain rods that come fitted with rubber plungers, strong spade, hose-pipe, watering can and disinfectant.
  • Locate the blockage by lifting the manhole covers and looking for trapped excess water.
  • Insert one of the rods into the drain system and plunge.
  • Rods screw together so you can add more of them as you go, until you make contact with the blockage. There is a risk of the rods unscrewing from each-other but if you are careful to turn the rods in a clockwise direction while you work, you should be able to avoid this.
  • On contact with the obstruction keep plunging. If this does not work, you can replace the plunger attachment with a cork screw attachment which should be able to break up the blockage.
  • Use your garden hose to send a high pressure stream of water into the drain to get the broken up or dislodged blockage to move along.       Your drain should now be unblocked.
  • Fill your watering can with disinfectant solution and wash down your gloves and equipment.

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