How to create the perfect polished concrete floor

29 August 2016

Highly polished concrete floors are certainly popular, especially in modern homes and commercial environments. It can be costly to hire professional home improvement companies to transform your drab and potentially flawed concrete floor, to a high gloss and aesthetically pleasing surface. What’s not costly is hiring the basic home improvement tools from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire, so that you can do the job yourself.

When trying to create the perfect polished concrete floor, you will need to take care of the floor’s existing surface. This means that the existing surface needs to be grinded down and prepared for the polishing and chemical treatments to follow, which are responsible for giving the floor its glorious shine. To prepare the surface for this, you can hire a Flextool Surface Grinder which is specifically manufactured for finishing concrete floors, removing epoxy and removing any glue from the concrete surface. This grinder offers a robust design that can really get right up to the wall. It can also be used in both wet and dry conditions. Use the grinding machine to remove any scratches from the floor’s surface. Make sure that you know how to use the grinder effectively before you begin.

Once your concrete surface is smooth and any flaws removed, the floor can then be ground again with a very fine surface grinding plate to give the surface a high gloss finish.

Hire concrete floor polishing and finishing equipment from Talisman Hire

Are you interested in handling a DIY concrete floor polishing project of your own? Get down to your local Talisman Hire or chat to one of our friendly consultants about the process involved and what equipment is best to hire for it. For more information and advice, contact the leading tool rental company in your area – contact us Talisman Hire.