How to create the perfect weld:

27 April 2017

Welding uses a source of heat to join two pieces of metal together. The edges to be welded, plus a filler metal rod, are melted together to form a molten puddle of metal that, when cool, forms a strong, seamless bond.


Welding equipment for hire is available from Talisman Plant and Tool hire. We have 2 varieties of welders in stock:

  1. The Talisman Generator/Welder 6 KVA (suited to general welding for small construction or DIY), and
  2. The Buddy 200 A (a heavy-duty welder for large projects and professional construction use).


Whether you need welding equipment for a big construction project or are working on something small in your home workshop, the same basic principles apply to create a perfect weld.


Tips to achieve a great weld:

  1. Remove any flammable items from the area in which you will be working and don’t forget your welders helmet. These are vital safety precautions that you need to take before you begin welding.
  2. Work on a flat surface. If you are creating a frame by welding it together, lay everything out on the workshop floor. If the items you want to weld together cannot be laid flat, then clamp them into position securely before beginning.
  3. Ensure that the pieces you are welding together fit closely. Use a plasma cutter or a grinder to trim part of the angle iron at the joints.
  4. If you are assembling multiple parts, tack weld everything together before welding permanently. This ensures that your assembly is correct, and allows you to make adjustments.
  5. Keep a comfortable posture. Hold the welding gun with both hands and make sure that you can brace yourself against your torso. Welding is delicate yet strenuous work. If you are not comfortable you will not achieve a good weld.
  6. Use high-quality equipment. They say a bad workman blames his tools, but you can’t get away from the fact that quality tools do produce better results. Talisman Plant and Tool hire have welding tools for rental, suited to bother large and small DIY projects.


To find out more about power tools and equipment, including welding equipment for hire, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.