How to cut ceramic tiles

24 June 2011

Cutting and installing tiles is easier than most people know. Factors that need to be taken into consideration when cutting ceramic tiles is how thick the tiles are and what shapes the tiles need to be. The first piece of equipment you will need is a tile cutter.

There are two types of tile cutters available: A manual tile cutter (these are usually less expensive but require more physical labour and don’t always give you the precise dimensions you need when installing ceramics). Power tile cutters are quicker, faster and they are easy to use. Some of these machines require water, which is also something to take into consideration if you are working in remote locations.

Glass tiles and bricks

When cutting glass tiles, look for equipment that have “diamond blades”, which is a synthetic type of diamond within the blade that enables the precise cutting that glass tiles require. Also remember to use safety gloves and goggles that protect your eyes during the cutting process.

If you are cutting bricks, make sure that the cutter you are using has a vertical bascule head. This type of head allows you to cut thicker bricks and adjust the heights of bricks according to the size you need. Handheld blades are ideal for high-speed brick cutting and table cutters are popular for precision cutting.

Cut bricks and tiles the easy and affordable way

If you are not going be cutting ceramic tiles and bricks on a frequent basis consider hiring one. High power, professional brick cutters and tile cutters can be rented for your specific construction needs so that you don’t invest in hardware that’s going to be sitting in storage throughout the year.

Hiring or buying tile and bricks cutters from Talisman Hire

Talisman Hire offers a full range of brick cutters and tile cutters that are perfect for a cutting a variety of materials, such as pavers, bricks, ceramic tiles, granite, marble, clinker and more. These products are sold at reasonable prices with guaranteed durability.

Unless you are a professional brick or tile cutter, consider hiring the equipment from Talisman Hire, which is affordable and easy. We’ve got branches all over SA and can give you the expert advice and quality construction equipment you need!

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