How to hire the best drill for your job

24 October 2016

Drills come in many different varieties suited to different purposes. If you’re looking for drills to hire, you’ll need to take into consideration the kind of work you’ll be doing as well as how powerful a drill you need in order to choose the best type of drill to get the job done.

From hand-held impact drills suited to DIY or light construction work, to heavy-duty earth and rock drills for construction equipment rental, Talisman Plant and Tool Hire offers an extensive range of drill hire options.

Cordless vs plugged in

While a cordless drill can be very convenient, it’s not the best option for heavy construction work. Cordless drills are best suited to DIY or light renovation work, as they are generally lightweight and don’t have the level of power as corded varieties.

Impact and core drills

These drills are the kind most commonly used for everyday DIY and heavy duty construction work. An impact drill uses a rotating hammer motion (like a miniature jack-hammer) to create a hole and is suited to drilling through very hard material such as concrete slabs or bricks. A core drill creates a cylindrical hole and preserves the core piece. Different drill bits can be used to drill through various materials, including wood, plastic, and metal and concrete. Core drills are typically used when bigger holes are required where cables and pipes must be fed through.

Magnetic base drills

For construction projects where heavy-duty, precision steel drilling is required, a magnetic base drill is the answer. The magnetic base ensures that the drill does not shift or move, providing stability and accuracy.

Rock and earth drills

For heavy construction work where a great deal of power is required, rock and earth drills should be your tools of choice. While these drills are heavier and more cumbersome than hand-held varieties, they are specifically designed to deliver greater power to drill through rugged surfaces, while providing high-quality results.

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