How to Keep Your Construction Site Well Lit

07 May 2018

South Africa is a sunny country, but this doesn’t mean that you can bargain on sufficient natural light all year round or at all hours of the day. With construction deadlines becoming increasingly shorter, many contractors have teams working throughout the night in order to finish their projects on time. To make sure your construction site is safe and that people are able to work efficiently, you will need to invest in artificial lighting for the duration of your construction period. A number of lighting options should be considered before you get to work:

  • Your lighting plan needs to include external as well as internal lighting. The external lighting needs to highlight the following:
    • The areas where your workers will be moving,
    • The entry site to the construction area, and
    • The storage areas.
  • Inside your building, there may also be certain areas that require illumination, such as offices or work areas for bricklaying, plastering, carpentry, concreting and painting. If you are buying or renting lamps to illuminate certain areas in and around your project site, consider if there will be enough poles, scaffolding, masts and cranes that the lamps can be attached to.
  • After you have determined where your construction site lighting will go, you should also make sure that the light doesn’t spill over into nearby residential areas or offices that may see this as a disturbance.
  • If you suspect that electricity access may be limited or interrupted, rent a generator so that your construction site lighting is working at all times.

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