How to maintain a generator

07 November 2016

A generator is a highly useful piece of equipment, providing an essential source of electricity when working in far flung areas with no infrastructure, or even at home when the power goes out. However, whether you’re using a petrol or diesel powered generator – large or small – maintenance is vital. These tips can help you keep your generator in good condition:

  • General maintenance

Any engine needs a regular service, and a generator is no different. General maintenance should include changing the oil and oil filter, air filter and spark plugs. Make sure that the battery is working well and check the radiator.

  • Empty the tank for storage

If you are not planning on using your generator for a few weeks, make sure to drain the fuel using a siphon, before storage. Old, stale fuel left inside a generator is one of the most common causes of generator start-up problems.

  • Cool down before refilling

As with most petrol or diesel fuelled power tools and equipment a generator emits a great deal of heat when running. Allow the engine to cool down before refilling with fuel. When you consider the disastrous results of accidentally spilling fuel on a hot engine, causing your rental generator (as well as you) to go up in flames, 15 minutes is not a long time to wait.

  • Start up when not in use

Even if you’re not using your generator on a permanent basis, you should run it for a few minutes every 7 days. This will circulate oil through the system and keep the engine lubricated.

You can avoid all these maintenance headaches by opting for generator hire.

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