How to remove a concrete slab

09 May 2016

Removing a concrete slab doesn’t have to be a massive operation. The same principles always apply, so we have rounded up a few tips and pointers to help you get the job done properly.

Always wear your safety gear and make sure you’ve got the right power tools for the job. You will need a big jack hammer, a crow bar (if you are moving heavy blocks of concrete), a wheelbarrow, shovels and a broom to clean up any dust and smaller pieces of concrete. If there is steel reinforcement underneath the concrete then you will also need an angle grinder.

Before you start using the jack hammer, make sure you check with your local authorities to ensure that there aren’t any utilities or power lines underneath the concrete that can be damaged. Start using the jack hammer in the corner of the concrete slab instead of in the middle, this will make the concrete bits much more manageable to cut away. Always run the jack hammer in a grid pattern as this also makes the concrete parts that get cut away more manageable.

Once you have done a small section, use the angle grinder to cut away at the steel reinforcement that has come to the surface. Clean away the mess from that specific section before you move on to the next section.

With the right tools and equipment, you can remove a concrete slab with ease. If you need to hire tools and equipment, be sure to visit your closest Talisman Hire outlet to get the best equipment at the best price. Contact us for more information today.