How to Remove a Concrete Surface

10 August 2017

Concrete is solid, versatile and budget-friendly. It is also easy to use. But how do you remove a concrete surface? With concrete breakers, of course!

Step by Step Guide to Removing Concrete

  1. If you are working near a window or a car, it is advisable to cover them up with canvas drop cloths to protect it against the impact of the sharp bits of debris which shoot away at high velocity.
  2. Dress the part. This is a job that requires goggles to protect your eyes from flying concrete shards. Avoid scratches by wearing long sleeves and thick pants.
  3. A tip from the experts is to create a void below the concrete to make the task much easier. Dig the material out from under the concrete. It may just be soil, but most often this will be sand which is the correct bed for concrete. While it is possible to break up concrete resting on its base material, it makes the job more difficult and results in tiny pieces of rubble.
  4. As far as possible, try to end up with pieces as large as you can safely carry. While they may be smaller than you expect, do not be tempted to go too small: small rubble is frustrating to carry out.
  5. Always start breaking at the edges.

Equipment Required

  • Canvas drop cloths;
  • Eye protection;
  • Protective clothing;
  • Spade or shovel;
  • Concrete breaker with the chisel or moil.

If you do not regularly break up concrete surfaces, it makes sense to rent a breaker rather than to invest in buying one.

  • Bosch GSH27VC, Makita HM1801, Hilti TE3000:
    Used for breaking and demolition of concrete, tiles, bricks and asphalt.
  • Atlas Copco TEX32PS:
    Breaking and demolition of concrete and asphalt using large compressors.
  • Mikasa MCD214:
    Used for cutting plain concrete, reinforced concrete and asphalt road surfaces.

Talisman Hire

If you are looking for concrete breakers for hire, please contact the Talisman Hire branch closest to you.