How to remove mould from outdoor paving

15 February 2016

With the help of a tool rental company, paving around your home can look great, but over time nature’s elements can cause damage to your paving.

15Mould and algae can grow over your paving and cause it to look worn and dull in color. Cleaning it with tools from a tool rental company will bring back that great look you want for your house’s exterior.

Removing the mould

  • Clean off the paving thoroughly with a hose at its strongest setting. Be careful not to damage the paving with the strong current.
  • Using a flat object that will not scratch the paving, remove growing algae on the surface.
  • Mix bleach and water to clean the paving with. Make sure that you use the right amount as too much bleach can change the color of the paving.
  • Rinse the paving once again before spaying the bleach and water mix. Using a spray bottle will efficiently lift dirt and mould from the paving.
  • Use a scrubbing brush to scrub the mix onto the paving. Do not use a steel brush as it may damage the paving.
  • Rinse the paving once again. Make sure that you rinse off all the bleach mixture. Let the paving dry thoroughly before walking on it.

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