How to renovate a bathroom

29 August 2016

While your bathroom may be the smallest room in your house, it’s also the one that requires the most work when renovating. Before you begin you’ll need to consider many things, including tiling, plumbing, bathroom fixtures such as toilets and cabinets, and whether to purchase or hire tools from a tool rental company. However, with careful advance planning a bathroom renovation can run smoothly and be completed within your budget with great results.

Hire specialised tools

If you’re going the DIY route for your bathroom renovation, it makes sense to hire your power tools and equipment from a tool rental company. Unless you are planning on doing regular bathroom or kitchen renovation work, purchasing a specialised tool such as a tile cutter is an unnecessary expense.

Bathroom layout

There is a huge difference in cost, time and hassle between completely restructuring a bathroom’s layout and simply re-tiling and replacing existing fixtures. Draw a floor plan to scale, decide exactly what it is you want to achieve and work out estimated costs before you take a hammer to the tiles.

Call in a plumber

A new bathroom layout that requires moving the existing plumbing can up your costs dramatically, so think carefully if this is really worth the hassle. If moving plumbing is absolutely necessary, this is not something that you can DIY unless you are a qualified plumber.

Know when to outsource

Certain aspects of bathroom renovation such as tiling and carpentry can be achieved quite easily with a little DIY know-how. However, if you’re uncertain about anything rather hire the services of an expert. Depending on the extent of your renovation plans, you may consider consulting with an architect, plumber, electrician, carpenter and/or flooring specialist.

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