How to renovate your bathroom on a budget

16 May 2016

Most homeowners know that the most common areas that get renovated in a home are the kitchen and bathrooms. Whether you are trying to sell your house or simply want to give your home a facelift, the first step is to renovate the bathroom. But how do you do this on a budget?

If you’ve got an unsightly 1970s style bathroom and have received a few renovation quotes, you might have got a bit of a shock because these specific renovation projects can be quite expensive.

The first step to doing this on a budget is to analyse the layout and design, and then determine what you can salvage in the bathroom. In some cases, you will find that the layout of the toilet, vanity and shower are actually fine, so you don’t need everything removed to start from scratch. In this case, you won’t have to move water lines or drain lines, which will already save you a bunch of money.

You can also save money if you are prepared to go and buy new light fixtures, vanity and whatever else you need and do the job yourself or hire an affordable contractor. In this case, you will need to invest in the right power tools and equipment. Instead of buying these tools, you can easily hire them from a tool rental company.

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