How to repair and repave a garden pathway

20 June 2016

The time has come for you to repair and repave your beautiful pathway in your garden. Many steps and stories have crossed through your homely space and have the marks and breaks to show for it. Now it is time to repair them and keep your garden pathway looking its best and preventing it from incurring any further damage.

Talisman Hire, the leading South African tool rental company in South Africa have the expertise and knowledge to share with you about tools for rental that you will need for your home improvement paving job. It is important to have the right tools for construction and advise when facing your paving project.

6 steps to repair your paving with Talisman Hire

Step 1. Mark all the broken or damaged bricks that you need to replace or repair with chalk on your garden pathway.

Step 2. Lift and remove all the damaged pavers you have marked. If the damaged paver is loose, try lifting it out or if need be break it out of its mould. This will free up space to easily remove the others. Place all the broken pavers in a pile to be discarded later on.

Step 3. Now you are left with undamaged pavers that need to be cleaned. Using a rounded smooth hard edged object, such a piece of wood or paintbrush handle, remove excess sand and grout from the undamaged pavers. This will make it easier when relaying new pavers as the new ones should simply fit into place like puzzle pieces in the garden.

Step 4. During the process in step three before relaying paving, you will find that bedding sand has hardened. Using a pick loosen the sand and then screen it again, prepare the ground for the new pavers to be locked in next to the clean undamaged ones. If you are unsure on the screening process, contact your nearest and most reliable tool hire company for advice and home improvement tips.

Step 5. When your garden pathway has all the pavers put in place ensure that the patterns, lines or design you want are perfectly set before starting the next step.

Step 6. You have come to the final stage of repairing and repaving your garden pathway. After you are sure that the paving is correct, you can simply plate compact the area using home improvement tools hired from Talisman Hire. Then sweep drying plaster into the cracks and once again plate compact over the pathway.

Having the expertise and knowledge for the repairing and paving of your home improvement projects and basic construction tools is vital when you want the best results.

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