How to sand floors, furniture and more

25 July 2016

For all your DIY projects you need Talisman. Looking for sand floors, furniture and more? With the help of some special equipment and other home improvement tools, you can do all your sanding yourself. Here is your guide on everything related to sanding.

What equipment do you need?

This depends on what you will be sanding. For sanding wooden floors, you will need a specific floor sander, perfect for refinishing decks, renovating and much more. For furniture and other wooden areas, a power sander will help you get the job done quickly and easily. You can easily hire this equipment so you don’t have to fork out large amounts of money for your own. Other things you may need include:

  • Good quality sandpaper, for finishing off any edges that the power sander didn’t get to;
  • Thick stripper for removing paint;
  • Thin stripper for removing finish;
  • Stains and finishes, for finishing the job;
  • A pile of cloths, such as old t-shirts for wiping up anything (just make sure they are lint free);
  • Painter’s plastic for covering any furnishings that aren’t being sanded and which you need to protect (some old sheets will also help here).

Get your sanding area ready

If you are sanding floors, make sure you pick up everything off of the floors and remove all furniture. Cover all vents and light fixtures with plastic. This will not only help with dust clean-up but will ensure any lead coming off of the floors does not get into other parts of the house (older houses will have some lead). Wear clothes you don’t mind throwing away afterwards and don’t wear them out of the work area. Always wear a HEPA filter respirator and keep pregnant women and children out of the house. Always check for any nails and other objects sticking out of the flooring. Remove them all before getting started.

You can hire a drum sander and ask the staff to show you how to operate it properly. Always use a small hidden space of the floor to do a quick practice run until you are confident enough to do the whole floor. For sanding furniture, power sanders are pretty straight-forward to use.

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