How to set up scaffolding correctly

10 October 2016

Scaffolding is frequently seen on construction sites – one could say that it’s a construction essential. Equally essential is the correct set up of the scaffolding to minimize the risk to workers who will be using it. It is vital to follow these steps:

Call on the services of qualified and certified people to erect, move and dismantle your scaffolding structure, as this poses a significant threat to health and safety if not done correctly.

Talisman Hire employ certified personnel to erect and dismantle the scaffold structures. Please note the following:

Talisman uses quality scaffolding

Hire scaffolding from a reputable company to ensure that the scaffolding is well maintained. Scaffolding that has deteriorated will be structurally unsound and pose a serious risk to employees who will be working on it.

A stable foundation

The scaffolding will be staged where it is free of debris and levelled. They do not use stacks of wood or concrete for levelling – base jacks are all that should be used.

The first level

A string line and a level are used set up the first stage of scaffolding, ensuring that it is completely level and square. They do not try to ‘jimmy’ sections that don’t fit properly as this will cause instability. Also, they do not use components from different types of scaffolding. You can hire a complete scaffolding system from a reliable construction rental company such as Talisman Plant and Tool Hire.

Moving higher

Once the first level is correctly set up, subsequent scaffolding levels should lock securely into the coupling pins to create a stable scaffolding structure. To maintain structural stability, the scaffolding should be secured to the structure being worked on every 6 or 7 metres.

Planking for walkways

This is strictly subject to health and safety regulations. Kindly consult with your nearest Talisman Plant and Tool Hire franchise.

To find out more about renting scaffolding, power tools and equipment, including tool hire, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.