How to Use a High-Pressure Washer

05 September 2017

For the best results, there are four main elements needed in high-pressure washing:

  1. Pressure,
  2. Water flow rate,
  3. Cleaning solution, and
  4. Heat.

Lack for one element requires an adjustment in the others, for example, a cold water high-pressure washer lacks heat, and will, therefore, need more cleaning solution and more pressure.

Uses for a High-Pressure Washer

Not much is more satisfying than the results produced by a HP washer! The process of breaking the bond between the dirt and the surface being cleaned is the essence of a power wash.

The applications for such a wash can vary from your car to your patio to the exterior of your house. If you are looking for a high-pressure washer for hire, note that they come in electric and petrol versions. Both are suitable for general high-pressure cleaning as well as tube and pipe cleaning. An electric high-pressure washer is also appropriate for cleaning engines.


  • Decide whether detergent is needed. Many HP washers are powerful enough so that there is no need to compensate with a cleanser. Discuss the options with your hire company.
  • Plan by dressing for a wet experience.
  • Close off anything that you do not want to get wet, e.g. close the doors from your patio to your lounge.
  • Stand about a metre away from the target and spray a small area. Stop to check that the spray is not damaging the surface.
  • Spray in sections, and avoid patch-jobs which only emphasise the areas you have not done.
  • If you’re using a cleanser, wash from the bottom up, then rinse with fresh water from the top down.

Talisman Hire

If you would like to rent a high-pressure washer, please contact Talisman Hire or pop into the branch closest to you – our friendly team will gladly assist you.