Industry-leading concrete mixers make light work of building projects!

28 May 2014


Whether you’re a do-it-yourself builder or a general contractor, an efficient concrete mixer is one of your most essential pieces of equipment.

These machines help builders to mix consistent batches of high-quality concrete on site – even in cramped quarters. As they are manual, it’s vital that the right ratio of concrete mix and water is added to the machine in order for the project to be successful – too wet and the concrete will not set properly, too dry and your surface will form cracks.

At TALISMAN Hire we offer a range of petrol and diesel mixers that can deliver varying amounts of concrete per batch. If you’re not sure how large a machine you need, speak to any staff members in our stores across South Africa and they will assist you.

Here are our tips for making your building project a success using our high-quality concrete makers:

  1. The mixing ratio is vital. If you want the results your concrete should deliver, the cement mixing instructions have to be followed exactly for each and every batch. This will create a consistent, high-quality product that will deliver a uniform result.
  2. Add water first. The rule of thumb is to add water to the drum before adding the dry materials. This will ensure that there will be no unmixed dry cement that remains stuck to the bottom of the drum.
  3. Stay safe. Concrete contains particles that can give you health problems – and a lot of discomfort – if you breathe them in, so use the appropriate safety precautions. It’s also advisable for you to protect your hands and eyes from dust and wet concrete.
  4. Prepare before mixing. Because concrete is very quick-drying, preparing your site after you’ve mixed the concrete could bring disastrous results. Do all the work beforehand and, while your concrete is mixing, go over your site one last time to make sure that everything is absolutely ready for your concrete pour.

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For more information on concrete mixerswe have available for hire, please contact us today and speak to our knowledgeable staff.