Is Winter the Best Season to Remodel Your Home?

16 August 2018

Home remodelling is a big decision and one that needs to be planned well in advance. Some people believe that winter is the best time to take on remodelling and revamping projects at home and here’s why:

  • Paint Jobs Are Easier
  • You’re going to get the best pricing. There are often paint sales during winter which means you can save between 20 to 30% on your paint supplies if you buy it during the colder winter months.
  • Paint drying times are quicker during the winter as opposed to the summer. The humidity in summer, combined with rain patterns, can make exterior painting riskier.
  • Your Home Is Less Busy

    Summer is usually the time when you invite friends and family members over for a party, a braai or a lazy day by the pool. Instead of spending the weekends remodelling your home during summer, you should enjoy your upgraded spot. This means that you will need to take care of the upgrading tasks during the winter.

  • Contractor Availability

    Contractors usually have more time and flexibility during the winter months. If you are working with a number of contractors to redo your floor, repair drywall and revamp your kitchen cabinets, for example, the winter months may offer you more convenient project scheduling.

  • Faster Approval

    Many times, you will need the approval of government agencies and/or a body corporate to go ahead with remodelling work. These organisations are usually less busy during the winter months, which can mean faster approval times for your plans.

  • If you are ready to move ahead with your home remodelling project, make sure you have the power tools and equipment you need. Talisman Tool and Hire specializes in construction equipment rentals. Contact us for more information today.