Look at Some of Talisman Hire’s Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment

05 August 2017

Before you rent construction equipment, take a closer look at what heavy-duty tools are available. If you are looking for construction equipment for hire, go to a supplier that offers quality equipment, prices to suit your budget and quick deliveries to meet your deadlines.

Heavy-Duty Construction Equipment

  • Heavy-duty breakers used for breaking and demolition of concrete, tiles, bricks and asphalt.
  • Heavy-duty cube mould to accurately determine the strength of concrete.
  • Buddy – 200 A is a heavy-duty industrial welder suited for high volume production and the welding of thicker materials.
  • Flextool Heavy-duty 42 mm concrete vibrator used for pre-stressed floors, wall beams, curbs and when close reinforcing is required.
  • Reversible plate compactors trench and surface compaction such as road, dam and embankment construction, foundation jobs, backfills, bicycle and footpaths
  • Pedestrian rollers used for compaction of all types of sand and gravel mixed bases including preparation in the construction of roads, parking lots, sidewalks, stadiums and large halls. Flextool P212G submersible pump used for pumping waste water from waste pits, pier holes, excavation sites and construction sites.
  • LEVER HOIST TURFOR is used to lift equipment up to 3 tons at construction sites.
  • Centrifugal pumps is suitable to be used on construction sites to transfer clear water or water containing solid objects.
  • Sludge pumps used on construction sites, especially in the mining industry to transfer water containing sludge or other applications where no priming is needed.
  • Talisman Light Tower provides outdoor lighting of work and construction sites.

Talisman Hire

For more information on which breakers, conveyors, generators, and other construction equipment for hire are best suited to your needs, please contact the Talisman Hire branch closest to you.