Magnetic base drilling – Revolutionizing your work one drill at a time!

02 July 2014

Portable magnetic base drilling machines are pieces of equipment that can be used in virtually any type of application that requires you to cut holes through metals quickly and accurately, including steel construction in high-rise buildings and bridges, as well as in machining and fabrication. They not only offer unsurpassed accuracy and reliability, but are also user friendly, portable, lightweight and durable. Whether you are drilling through steel, stainless steel or aluminium, these high performance drills will give you the right results, every time.


How can magnetic base drilling machines give you an economic advantage?


At Talisman Hire, we offer you drilling systems that will give you the following advantages:


  • Increased productivity onsite due to faster drilling speeds compared to utilising twist drilling.
  • Incredibly accurate.
  • Increased diameter achieved through core drilling.
  • No pre-drilling or tool changes are needed.
  • With conventional methods, the cost per hole is significantly higher as magnetic base drills are enormously cost effective
  • Reduced power usage, making your business more energy efficient.


How to choose a magnetic drill:

The Eco 50 and the Eco 100/3 models are magnetic base drills that are newly patented with a quick-hitch arbour. The Eco 50 can cut up to 50 mm diameter and 50 mm deep while the Eco 100/3 allows you to change cutters in seconds – and there is no need for Allen keys or grub screws.

At Talisman Hire, we offer you drill solutions that fit your exact job requirements, so if you need to drill holes into large onsite metal items that would not fit into the specifications of ordinary drilling machines, we can offer you the best solutions. Contact us today for more information.

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