No Power at Your Building Site? No Problem! Hire a Generator Today

23 September 2017

Why spend money on a new one when you can hire a generator instead? Let’s take a look at the benefits of generator rental, as well as the different types of generators currently available.

Why Hire a Generator?

There are many benefits associated with generator rental as opposed to buying one new or second hand. Firstly, you won’t have to worry about keeping up with regular maintenance or dealing with downtime as a result of faults. You’ll only be reaping the benefits of well-maintained units and high quality performance. Secondly, you will be saving huge amounts of cash. Not only is there the initial outlay for the generator itself, but maintenance, transport and storage costs all add up very quickly indeed! Thirdly, if you choose to hire a generator each time you need one, you will be able to enjoy flexibility in terms of hiring one that fits in perfectly in terms of size, type and function depending on the application.

Diesel or Petrol Generator?

The most common types of generators for hire include diesel generators and petrol generators. The one that you choose to hire will depend on your preferences. Generally, diesel generators promise higher fuel efficiency and longevity in terms of performance, whereas petrol generators are a lot less costly to run and may often be the cheaper alternative when it comes to signing those rental papers.

Here at Talisman Hire, we are able to provide you with both petrol and diesel generator solutions depending on your needs. Both types of portable and ideal for stand-by and emergency situations. For more information about hiring a generator, do not hesitate to contact us today!