Plumbing tools and equipment

31 August 2011

Tools for plumbing projects are widely available and these products range from tools that look the same as they did 50 years ago to innovative technologies that old hands wouldn’t necessarily recognise right off the bat.

Whether you are looking into buying plumbing tools for a DIY home toolkit or looking for specialised products, these purchases shouldn’t be impulse decisions. Take your time to research what you need and do some cost comparisons before visiting a hardware store, especially if you are still trying to figure out which plumbing tools one should buy first.

Common plumbing tools

It often happens that the most common plumbing tools are the same tools that you would find in any home DIY toolbox. Certain supplies, however, need to be purchased to complete plumbing jobs effectively, such as:

  • Pipe wrench: These wrenches are used to tighten pipes in basins and sinks. Make sure you have a medium sized pipe wrench so that the head fits around different pipes and varying sizes of nuts and bolts.
  • Spud wrench: Older plumbing systems often have larger pipes. Depending on the type of job your doing, a spud wrench can come in handy for projects that have larger piping, drains and bowls.
  • Socket wrench: Fixtures on showers and baths are easy to remove with a socket wrench.
  • Basin wrench: Pipe wrenches have been modified to allow the user to get into hard-to-reach places under a basin and these wrenches are known as basin wrenches.
  • Plumber’s snake: This long, snake-shaped tool is used by plumbers to unclog blocked toilets and pipes. The plumber’s snake can also be used with a pump to remove toilet waste.

Buying or hiring plumbing tools

Whether you are a professional plumber or an amateur looking to fix some things at home or start a new plumbing business, getting the proper plumbing tools is an essential part of the job.

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