Portable chemical toilets are ideal for large, outdoor and public events

28 March 2014

Portable chemical toilets are ideal for large, outdoor and public events

Portable toilets have come a long way in the last few years and these chemical toilets offer the most efficient, comfortable and practical solution for any large, outdoor and public events yet.

Features of the portable toilet include:

  • A blend of practical features and aesthetic design
  • Hygienic, clean, fresh and user-friendly
  • Composition of highly-durable materials that are engineered to top toilet maintenance and safety requirements
  • Ultra-smooth surfaces for ease of cleaning
  • Refined inner cabin designs increases style, comfort and practicality
  • The latest chemical innovations to ensure a clean, germ-free, deodorised environment

Events where chemical toilets are necessary:

  • Construction sites: On these worksites there is often limited plumbing and sometimes no plumbing at all. Our portable chemical toilets can be placed on site for day-to-day use, keeping your worksite operational and sanitised.
  • Concerts: Concerts that are held out in fields, on farms or in other open-air venues often require more facilities than are available. Portable chemical toilets can easily be transported in and arranged for use during these high-traffic events.
  • School fairs: School fundraising events, camp outs and other activities will put a strain on the school’s facilities. For safety reasons, chemical portable toilets are advisable as their availability will keep people in designated areas and meet their needs.
  • Beer festivals, farmer’s markets and food markets: These events are becoming more and more popular in South Africa and in order to ensure that your venue’s facilities are not overwhelmed, it is advisable that you opt for multiple units of easy-to-clean chemical toilets.
  • Sports events: If you’re expecting an unusually large crowd at your sporting event, portable chemical toilets are the solution you need. The chemical toilets will arrive ahead of time and will be maintained and cleaned throughout the event.

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