Pros of petrol & diesel generators

21 December 2011

While many people are interested in purchasing generators, most people don’t know the merits and demerits of petrol and diesel generators.

It is necessary to understand the advantages as well as the disadvantages of petrol generators and diesel generators before you invest in one. Pros associated with petrol generators:

  • Most common for general use. It is relatively easy to use and repair as the use of this type of generator is relatively widespread.
  • More compact. Petrol generators are generally smaller in size and can be viewed as a more portable unit.
  • Stable. Petrol generators are very reliable and boast with minimal maintenance problems.

Pros associated with diesel generators:

  • Cheaper to run. First of all, the price of diesel is lower than petrol.
  • Efficient. The amount of power you receive from a diesel generator is more in the long run.
  • Safer. Diesel is less flammable than other substances used to power engines as it possesses lower octane content.

Cons of petrol & diesel generators

It is also important to understand the disadvantages and/or shortcomings of a product before a hefty investment. Cons associated with petrol generators:

  • Dangerous. Petrol generators could be dangerous if not used correctly as petrol is a volatile substance.
  • Large amount of emissions. Petrol generators are significantly worse for the environment than substitute options due to their high emission rate.

Cons associated with diesel generators:

  • Noisy. If you are not using one of the latest diesel generators be prepared to invest in some ear plugs as well.
  • Initial cost is high. Setting up your diesel generator could be a very pricey affair.

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