Quality electric demolition breakers at TALISMAN Hire

13 January 2014

TALISMAN Hire offers a wide range of electric demolition breakers – equipment used mostly in construction and demolition projects. The machines can be used to break concrete, asphalt and brickwork in both small and large applications and we offer high quality service to make your job easier and minimize downtime.

What to look out for when choosing electric demolition breakers at TALISMAN Hire

Since TALISMAN Hire has a wide range of products, you need to know how to choose the right tool for the job. Our machines have been used to demolish large concrete projects.

Since breakers are exposed to very difficult work conditions, we only supply machines that are designed to enhance comfort and reduce maintenance demands. We also supply brands with the most advance technology with minimum noise levels.

At TALISMAN Hire, end users have a huge choice when it comes to electric demolition breakers. We provide heavy-duty breakers in all sizes – large, medium and small. To enhance the average working life of the breakers, the components are constructed using special low alloy steels. We also distribute modern breakers, which have a slim, properly proportioned structure that enhances comfort during operation.

Contact us today if you want any additional information on electric demolition breakers from TALISMAN Hire. We will be happy to assist.