Questions to ask yourself when it comes to Hilti guns

16 September 2014

Hilti nail gunsare used to put nails or studs into bricks, concrete and steel – but you probably know this already. What you don’t know is whether it’s best to go out and buy one or whether you should rather look for a company that hires out Hilti nail guns. So, you started researching the different options – and now here you are.

To get to the best answer, all you have to do is ask yourself a few simple questions – at the end of the day, it doesn’t have to be so hard. So, to help you along, here’s the first one:

How often do you think you’ll need to use a Hilti nail gun in the future?   5747_APC_830x515

Seeing as you’re reading this, chances are good that this is the first time in a long time (or ever) that you’ve needed one and if you don’t see yourself shooting blanks, nails or universal fasteners into bricks, concrete or steel in the foreseeable future, why would you want to buy a piece of equipment that you will not use frequently? Therefore your first answer is: renting a Hilti nail gun is the better option.

The next question to ask yourself is: What job do I need the Hilti nail gun for? Well, it doesn’t really matter. Because whether you need only one or two nails to fasten whatever or you’re embarking on a major project, you’re still going to need a top-of-the range piece of equipment to do the job right. So the answer is: Hiring a powder-actuated Hilti nail gun is the best choice.

Last question: How much is renting going to cost me versus just buying the equipment? Yet again, the best thing to do is to hire the Hilti nail gun – because if you rent a Hilti nail gun from a reputable company likeTALISMAN Hire,you will get to use top-of-the-line equipment at a price you can afford.

See? Problem solved. Just contact us to get the Hilti nail gun you need.