Renovating that bathroom? Rent our affordable tile cutting machinery

27 February 2017

Updating a bathroom with new tiles is a great home improvement project for the New Year and it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Provided you have the necessary DIY know-how and the time and patience, doing your own bathroom renovation can be a rewarding experience that saves you the cost of hiring external contractors.

A bathroom renovation will require specialised tools that may not be lying around in your garage. No problem, you can rent tile cutting equipment as well as all the other power tools that you may need from Talisman Plant & Tool Hire. Because these tools are expensive, buying the best possible quality is often not possible – especially when you only need it for a specialised job. When you rent from Talisman, however, you have access to superior quality tools that are in great condition, without the expense of buying.

Why do you need a tile cutter?

Once you have removed old tiling using a breaker (Talisman Plant & Tool Hire has several breakers to rent) and are ready to begin laying your new tiles, you first need to measure and mark where your tiles are going to be placed. Because all rooms have different dimensions, you are likely to find that you will require only part of a tile for a certain corner and therefore must cut the tiles.

In the past, the tiles would be cut by scoring with a sharp edge and then applying pressure, which does not ensure a straight and accurate cut. Advances in power tools and equipment technology mean that tile cutters create a smooth, neat edge – allowing precise measurement for absolute accuracy.


Rent tile cutting equipment from Talisman Plan & Tool Hire 

If you are looking for a tile cutter to hire, we have a wide range of tile cutting equipment suited to your needs. Our range includes electric- and manual brick and tile cutting tools. For the purposes of a small to medium bathroom renovation, a small manual tile cutter is the perfect solution. We stock only the best tile cutting brands and our equipment is in excellent condition.

If you need a tile cutter to hire or want more info on our other tools for rental, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.