Renting scaffolding is cost-effective and safe

11 April 2016

Construction equipment in South Africa has to comply with safety rules and regulations and this includes basic compliance such as having valid SABS approval. Plant hire in South Africa therefore only rent plant and tools, power tools, equipment and other tools for construction that are SABS tested and approved.

Scaffolding hired from a tool rental company will not only ensure the equipment you are using is SABS approved, but it is also a cost-effective solution for businesses. Purchasing scaffolding is not the ideal business solution for all companies as it is very expensive, instead renting equipment as it is needed proves to be a cost-effective and practical solution.

Construction tools rental services is cost-effective, as companies don’t have to lay out huge amounts of purchasing costs, especially if certain equipment is needed for a short period of time only.

Talisman Hire offer Quick-stage scaffold designed to reach further than 12 metres. Additionally the Quick-lock scaffold is also available, however it is limited to 12 metres free-standing. It is easy to erect and safe to use and can be used for various projects such as

plastering, building, painting, electrical and plumbing tasks.

Where can you find scaffolding for rent, at affordable rates?

Talisman Plant and Tool Hire offers scaffolding, plant and tool hire, power tool rentals, power tools for construction and various other tools. You will find SABS approved equipment at affordable prices.

Contact Talisman Hire today for rental of scaffolding, power tools, construction equipment and more.