Safety measures for construction machinery rental

16 May 2016

When renting construction equipment and tools from Talisman Hire for the expansion of your business or dream home. You have the right rental power tools you need to complete the job. But, are you aware of the safety measures when using construction material? Here are a few safety tips to keep in mind when handling tools and equipment from Southern Africa’s leading construction tool and equipment rental company.

8 Handy safety measures for you to use when handling construction tools and equipment:

  1. When using motorised machinery, remember to cover or move all electrical cords. This is a potential electrical hazard which can be harmful to both people and damage the tools.
  2. Remember to clean the plant, tools and equipment after a long hard day of work. Dusting off construction dirt after use can prolong the life span of the tool.
  3. The user must ensure to read and know the operating methods of the machinery before use. Incorrect use can cause hazards and damage.
  4. Do not use electrical power tools in close proximity to flames or flammable material.
  5. Do not leave power tools outside where the weather elements can cause corrosion.
  6. Please read the operating and safety feature of the equipment.
  7. Wear the correct safety gear for protection.
  8. If you are uncertain about the operating procedures contact your nearest tool rental company for advice.

Talisman Hire knows the safety measures you should take when hiring construction equipment

By using these tips and simple safety measures in tool care and operation, you will be able to enjoy the use of your Talisman rental power tools, to meet the needs of your construction project safely.

At Talisman Hire we have a huge selection of quality equipment products for all your needs. As the leading construction, tool rental company in Southern Africa, your projects and safety matters to us. Whatever the size of your construction project we have the tools for you! Contact us today for advice on equipment rental and safety.