Sheds, Containers etc.

Site Facilities Introduction

"Setting up camp" for your construction site is easy with TALISMAN's equipment. Below please see our site facilities available along with participating stores where you will be able to hire this equipment in 3 Easy Steps. For more information on our Hiring Procedures, please click here.


Storage of equipment and building material on site.

Participating Stores


Storage containers for secure storage of equipment and other valuables on site. Office containers for quick and convenient office facilities on site.

Participating Stores

Road Barriers

Robust and highly visible road barriers to divert traffic at road works.

Participating Stores


Temporary fencing to border and protect your site, keep undesirables off the property and keep equipment and materials safe.

Participating Stores


A wide variety of trailers for transportation of furniture, building materials, garden refuse and many more.

Participating Stores


Mass removal and dumping of builder’s rubbish, waste, garden refuse and many more.

Participating Stores