Some great uses for a high pressure washer!

15 October 2017

As the dull winter days fade away and spring sunshine is flooding our gardens… it suddenly is apparent that our outdoor areas are definitely not as sparkling as they could be! The best piece of equipment for cleaning just about anything outside is a high-pressure washer – and you can rent one from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire.

So why should you think about renting a high-pressure washer? Here are just a few useful things you can achieve:

Clean driveways, patios and paving

From ingrained dirt, to build up mould, walkways and driveways can end up looking seriously dingy. Patio paving where the grouting has turned black over time is also very unattractive. A high-pressure washer can literally blast this dirt away, leaving paving looking almost like new.

Clean walls and windows

A high-pressure washer is excellent for removing dirt from walls, and is especially effective on face brick and stonework where dirt gets ingrained. Windows that might take hours to clean conventionally can be made to sparkle in seconds with just one sweep of a high-pressure washer.

Rejuvenate patio furniture

Whether it’s plastic, cast iron or wicker, patio furniture is notorious for gathering unsightly dust. More than dust, outdoor furniture collects cobwebs and insects in hard to reach places. When you rent a high-pressure washer however, you can easily remove dirt from all the nooks and crannies of your garden chairs.

Preparing for painting

Painting your old cane garden chairs? Or maybe just an exterior wall? Whatever you’re preparing to paint, a high-pressure washer is essential. Before you paint anything, the surface needs to be 100% clean and free of dust etc. A high-pressure washer ensures that not a spec of dirt remains, and it can even help you to strip old flaking paint off of previously painted items.

If you need a high-pressure washer for hire, or any information on our other high-quality construction and DIY power tools and equipment for rent, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.