Talisman Hire Sutherland (Express Store)

01 February 2022

Talisman Hire Sutherland (Express Store)

Liesl Nienaber and Nic Kearney invested in another Talisman Hire express store in Sutherland (Northern Cape) to complement their existing stores.
Talisman Hire Sutherland (Express Store) opened today, Tuesday 1 February 2022.

Congratulations Liesl and Nic! We wish you and your team all the best and many successful business years in your new store. Thank you for your continuous support and investment in the Talisman brand.

Address and contact details:
Piet Retief Street, Sutherland
0871 140 100

Manager: Francois Roberts (079 034 0097)
Liesl Nienaber (072 104 5375)
Nic Kearney (082 808 3579)