The easy way to rent electrical and diesel compressors

23 February 2017

If you’re serious about power tools – whether it’s on a construction site or for home maintenance – you’ll know that the best, most precise power tools are often powered by air compressors.

Compressors are pricey to buy outright however, and the high-quality ones (that provide the best functionality) are often out of budget for private individuals or even small construction companies. You can however rent a compressor from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire – giving you access to well-known and trusted compressor brands, at a fraction of the cost.

What is a compressor?

A compressor in itself is not a tool. Rather, it is a device that creates compressed air that allows other tools to work. Many tools such as drills, nail guns and sanders have high end variations that use compressed air for increased power and precision.

Electrical or diesel?

Air compressors are powered by a motor to compress the air, which is then fed into your chosen power tool using different attachments specific to that tool. Air compressors come in 2 basic varieties – electric or diesel.

Electric compressors are best suited to small handy work or construction jobs. Because an electric compressor needs an electric power source, you can only use them in areas that have access to electricity (obviously). These compressors are more than adequate for use in home improvement projects or small construction sites.

Do you need a compressor but have non or limited access to electricity? A diesel compressor runs a motor using fuel, so you don’t have to plug it into a power source. It creates its own power source to run the engine and produce compressed air. Diesel compressors are great if you’re working on site away from civilisation, and are far more powerful than electric compressors – allowing them to power heavier duty tools.

High quality compressors for hire

Do you need to hire a compressor? It’s easy at Talisman Plant and Tool Hire! We have a variety of compressors, in different sizes and well-known brands, that you can rent today. We make the hiring process simple, and guarantee that we will supply you with equipment of the highest quality.

For further info on compressors for rent, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.