The equipment rentals company you’ve been looking for!

12 June 2014

You’re searching the Internet for a company that specialises in equipment rentals, because you’ve realised that you’ll need more than a hammer and screwdriver if you want to fix all the things that need fixing in your home.

Your wooden floor could do with a sanding, so you’ll need a floor sander – a rather large piece of equipment that you don’t have standing in the garage gathering dust. The driveway could also do with a bit of work and to get rid of those cracks will require a floor saw which is, of course, another power tool you don’t happen to have handy. And so the list goes on and on…

So: you’re looking for an equipment rental company with good prices and preferably one that has all the equipment you need in stock and ready to go. It would be great if the company specialises in only top of the line equipment rental, because you don’t want to make life unnecessarily difficult by having to work with out-dated machines that were considered new when your grandfather came into the world. Oh! And it would also be nice if they had a branch close by because you just don’t have the time to go schlepping off to some place that’s basically in another province.

So where should you start looking? Well, why don’t you start with TALISMAN Hire? Here, you’ll find top of the line equipment at prices you can afford. We also have branches all over the country, so chances are good that there is one not to far from where you live. We have a very wide range of products, from hand-held drills to compaction equipment. In fact, we have everything you could need to get any job – from construction to home maintenance – done.

So, just save yourself the effort and contact us now because, when it comes to equipment rentals, we are the company you want.