The Porta-Vibe: Quick and easy concrete compaction

13 February 2017

In any construction project, a stable foundation before work begins is essential. Concrete foundations need to be properly compacted to ensure that the structure settles and strengthens as it should, minimising the chance of parts of the structure cracking or even breaking over time.


Talisman Plant & Tool Hire has a variety of compaction equipment for hire. One of the most popular compaction tools for rental is the Porta-Vibe. The Porta-Vibe is a hand-held compaction device that is easy to use but still packs a lot of force. This petrol fuelled compaction device is powered by a Honda 4-stroke engine.


A big advantage is also that this piece of equipment is easily handled by one person, whereas the traditional combination poker and drive unit require two persons to operate.


Why rent the Porta-Vibe for your next construction project?

  • The Porta-Vibe features a flexible shaft and support spring, a convenient on/off switch and throttle control, an adjustable handle and a carry strap to ensure ease of use
  • The device is not bulky, weighing only 13 kg
  • It is operated by one person
  • Being petrol fuelled, there is no need for electricity
  • The 4-stroke Honda engine is powerful (vibrating 9 000 times per minute)
  • The engine features reduced emissions
  • The drive motor is not exposed to wet concrete


What are the applications of the Porta-Vibe?

The Porta-Vibe can be used to vibrate and compact concrete slabs footpaths, foundations and stairways. Because it is so easy to use and does such a superb job, this piece of compaction equipment for hire from Talisman Plant & Tool Hire is an excellent choice for your next construction project.


Our range of compaction equipment options

Talisman Plant & Tool Hire has a variety of compaction equipment for hire, including fuel and electric drive motors. As with all our tools for rental, our equipment is of the highest quality and in excellent condition to ensure that you don’t have to worry about downtime because of faulty equipment.


To find out more about how to rent compaction equipment as well as other power tools and equipment from a reputable tool rental company, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.