Tile cutter

27 October 2011

A tile cutter is used by tilers and construction workers to enable them to tile areas where a single whole tile does not fit. This is a common problem as almost no two rooms are identical and the modification of one’s products is necessary to ensure a high quality end product.

How to use a tile cutter?

A tile cutter is relatively easy to use but not paying proper attention could lead to time wastage, product wastage and in worst case scenarios even injury. It is necessary to first measure the dimensions necessary to insert a tile into an intricate tiling spot. Always remember to measure and compensate for the tiling grout that will be in between the various tiles. Place your tiles with its dimensional markings, which you have now turned into solid straight lines (under the tile metal ring that will slice a small indent into the tile). This is done by raising the handle and applying downwards pressure in a forward and backward motion. Take the tile and place the centre of the desired cut in the middle of the tile cutting machine, grasp the handle and press down in a single sturdy motion to cause the tile to snap.

How Talisman Hire can help you

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