Water pumps in South Africa

18 August 2011

The main purpose of a water pump is to move water from one point to another. Some of the water pumps in South Africa include equipment that simply transfers water to pumps that are suitable for construction sites (these can usually handle small, solid objects), water pumps to use when a pipe bursts and submersible water pumps for the mining industry.

Hiring a water pump – pros and cons

The appeal of water pump renting has increased over the past few years due to the convenience of this type of transaction. Contractors or businesses that need a water pump for a certain time period can easily hire the equipment without having to spend a huge amount of money that they aren’t going to necessarily require all year round. Some of the major cons of hiring a water pump, however, relate to untrustworthy tool and plant hire companies. Here are some things to check out before hiring this type of equipment:

  • Read the small print. See how flexible the company is with their rental period and if you will have to pay a penalty if you need the water pump for an extra day.
  • Accessories. Does the water pump call with all the extras you will need for your job?
  • Service. Find out if the company will come and repair any damages (and what their maintenance turn-around time is) if something breaks.
  • Rental options. Some companies have rent-to-own options, find out if this would work for you before signing an extended lease agreement.

Buying a water pump – pros and cons

The main advantage of buying a water pump is the convenience it will give you. If you often require the use of a water pump, why complicate matters by hiring one that you have to pick up every time you need it and drop off after each project? Buying a top quality water pump can last you years and you can use it how you see fit.

The main con of buying a water pump, however, usually relates to replacing parts and maintaining your equipment. If you are looking for a water pump for long-term use, make sure you are buying one from a trusted supplier that has a full range of parts as well as a skilled team that can help you with services and maintenance.

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