Welding Equipment and Tools

22 August 2011

Welding is essentially the process of melting two pieces of metal together. An electric arc or flame is used, while a wire rod is simultaneously melted at the joint of the two sections of metal, in order to add strength. DIY handymen aren’t usually the type of people that invest in heavy-duty welders. These machines are, however, often used and purchased by constructors, farmers and experienced welders.

Industrial welding

Industrial welding usually refers to the techniques used by plant workers and specialist construction workers when cutting and welding steel, metals, iron and pipes. Industrial welding usually requires some basic training as well as knowledge of safety procedures such as selecting a shielding mask, the mathematics behind welding and the procedures to follow in order to create high quality metal platforms.

Stick welding, on the other hand, is more common in the domestic market. Although technological advances in stick welding, as well as easy-to-follow training online, have helped many people get into the art of welding, this technique still has its pitfalls such as frequent cleaning, splatter marks and they are sometimes limited to thin metals.

Brief guide to buying or hiring welding equipment tools

Doing research on the different prices of quality welding equipment can often lead one to think that purchasing this machine once-off could be expensive and impractical (especially if you don’t have a dedicated place to store the welders).

Hiring welding tools is a great option if you only require the equipment on an occasional basis. If you are into serious construction and need the convenience of having your own durable welding equipment, make sure you are buying from a trusted plant and tool supplier!

Welding Equipment and Tools from Talisman

Talisman offers a range of industrial welding solutions that are suited for welding thick metal materials and high vacuum production. Our welding equipment can be used for stick welding and we also supply a range of products that are ideal for general welding jobs.

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