What garden tools do you need to hire for your landscaping DIY project?

03 June 2014

Everyone wants to add to their property investment, and great landscaping is one of the most effective ways to do this. Garden tool hire will give you the equipment you need to take on the toughest landscaping jobs without having to purchase expensive equipment that you won’t have use for again.

What tools do you need to hire for your project?

This depends largely on what you want to accomplish and what state your garden is currently in. If you have good lawns and are looking to install flowerbeds and garden paths, you won’t need the same tools that someone who is building a garden from scratch out of the veld. Here are some of the tools for hire and their descriptions to help you decide on what you’ll need:

  • Brush cutters: Available in petrol and electric, these machines are ideal for trimming edges as well as clearing tough scrub and cutting grass on difficult terrain. The petrol version is best suited to tougher jobs, especially if it is on a large property where access to electrical points is limited. Because they can kick up stones and other debris, it’s advised that you make use of the necessary safety equipment available from TALISMAN.
  • Drum/Spike rollers: Ideal for projects where you’re laying down grass, these rollers will ensure that you have a healthy, even lawn. Drum rollers are used to flatten land and break down clumps of soil to give you a smooth, even surface while spiked rollers aerate the lawn.
  • Spades and wheelbarrows: These tools are a necessity for almost all garden landscaping work, from digging up flowerbeds to assisting in the removal of rocks and the transport and placement of compost.
  • Lawnmowers: Available for lawn use and more heavy-duty terrain, these machines will quickly give your lawn a polished, even image.
  • Leaf blowers: A beautiful garden is a neat garden and few machines will get you as good results as this will. Ideal for use on lawns, paving and asphalt, it will effectively clear up leaves, dust and other debris without causing any damage to the surface.
  • Chain saws: Ideal for cutting back overgrown bush, branches as well as removing unwanted trees, these machines are tough and efficient. It’s always advised that you take the necessary safety precautions when using this equipment. Safety equipment is available and supplied by TALISMAN.


Honda UMK425LNU Brush Cutter

For more advice on what tools you need to complete your DIY project and enjoy the outdoor life, contact us at TALISMAN Hire – a specialist tool hire company in South Africa.