What types of surveying equipment can you hire in SA?

13 March 2017

Before any construction project can begin, it is essential that the construction area is properly surveyed. Surveying involves taking highly accurate measurements of the area, including the three-dimensional position of all points, and the distance and angles between them.

Construction companies who do not own surveying tools can rent surveying equipment from Talisman Plant and Tool Hire. When embarking on a construction project, it’s very important that any surveying is as accurate as possible, as any mistakes made can have a negative impact on the project. For the same reason, it is important to use high-quality equipment that delivers superior results. Our surveying equipment for hire is of the best quality. We only keep reputable brands of tools and equipment in stock, and our equipment is well maintained and in excellent condition.

Surveying equipment for hire: Autolevels

 Autolevels are used for surveying construction sites to determine height differences and distances between points. The lightweight level, aluminium tripod, 5 m telescopic staff and built-in magnetic damping compensator make this piece of equipment simple to use and convenient to carry around a rugged construction site. The Topshot Autolevel features x32 magnification, 39 mm objective aperture and 2 mm/Km accuracy.

Why rent surveying equipment?

Top quality surveying equipment can be a large expense, especially for small to medium-sized construction companies. Opting to purchase less expensive equipment can have an impact on the accuracy of the quantity surveying. A better solution is to hire surveying equipment from a trusted tools rental company. This is more affordable, and guarantees access to top brands of equipment that are in perfect condition.

To find out more about surveying equipment for hire and other construction tools for rental from a reputable construction rental company, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.