Where to find welders for hire or rent

17 October 2017

Whether you need to weld large pieces of metal for a construction job, or simply need a welder for a home DIY project, you can find the perfect welder for rent at Talisman Plant and Tool Hire.

If you only need a welder for one specific project and are unlikely to get continuous use out of it, then a welder for rent is a cost effective and practical solution. Power tools, especially high quality ones, are expensive. However renting the tools that you need, when you need them, minimises your expenses.

Different types of welders are suitable for different purposes. At Talisman, we have an excellent selection of welders to meet your needs. These are the kinds available, and who should be using them:

Inverter Welder

The inverter welder is relatively new to the power tool industry, and makes welding more accessible to DIY enthusiasts. Conventional welders need a high voltage current and usually include an industrial generator to supply power, however an inverter welder can be plugged into any electrical wall socket. It is also extremely compact and highly portable. This means that it can be easy easily used for DIY projects, as traditional welders are bulky, heavy and tricky to operate. and don’t fit into small spaces. Inverter welders are great for light DIY welding and construction, however they are not suited to heavy welding or for use in areas where electricity supply is limited.

Portable Buddy Welder

This heavy duty welder is perfect for welding thick metal, supplying a continuous heavy duty DC welding current. The L-Mech buddy welders that Talisman have for hire is large and heavy, but includes wheels and a solid frame to make moving the welder around less cumbersome.

Portable Generator Welder

The generator welder is multi-functional – including its own petrol or diesel generator that provides power for the welder as well as other electrical equipment on site. It is perfect for use on construction sites where there is limited or no electricity infrastructure, and is suited to light and medium welding. Like the portable buddy welder, the generator welder has a sturdy frame and wheels – so even though it is large and bulky, it is relatively easy to transport.

Do you need to hire a welder or any other power tools for your next construction job or DIY project? We offer excellent quality and a superb reputation – contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.