Why 2017 is the year to expand your building and handyman business

09 January 2017

In South Africa, what really makes our economy thrive is entrepreneurship. Small businesses, run correctly, can be very rewarding to run – both from a financial and personal fulfilment point of view. If you are a small construction company or handyman, look at 2017 as an opportunity to grow your business by considering construction equipment rental to take on bigger, more lucrative projects.


Why offer handyman services?

If you’re passionate about DIY and are good at it, handyman, small construction or renovation services are an excellent way to make money. The more you enjoy your work, the more time and effort you will put into it.


Homeowners don’t have time to DIY

The average homeowner doesn’t have the skills or time to take care of maintenance. While hiring a construction company for repairs or renovation can be costly, a good handyman is more affordable. Hire construction equipment from Talisman Plant & Tool Hire to be able to offer more specialised work on bigger projects in 2017, and you can increase your client base and watch the money roll in.


Network with related services in the building industry

Many larger projects are now being outsourced to a variety of smaller companies rather than completed by one big construction company. Make 2017 the year to hone your specific building skills and build a great reputation as an expert builder, while forging business relationships with related companies such as roofers, tilers, plumbers and painters.


Invest in quality tools

If you want to be able to offer more extensive services, invest in power tools and equipment. If you’re a small business, consider hiring rather than buying to ensure that you receive the best quality tools without the expense of purchasing top brands. Talisman Plant & Tool Hire offers construction equipment rental of a number of well known, high quality brands.


To find out more about tools for rental to grow your business in 2017, contact Talisman Plant and Tool Hire today.