Why does concrete crack?

27 June 2016

One of the most common questions from clients after having newly poured concrete is why does the concrete crack? Unfortunately, when not following specific guidelines when installing concrete, it can begin to crack and result in a messy finished job.

Talisman plant and tool hire are the leading plant hire company in South Africa and have put a list together to assist you with tips to prevent your concrete from cracking. With basic construction tools and tips, your concrete cracking should no longer be a problem during your home improvement projects.

Why Does Concrete Crack and how to prevent it?

Excess water in the mix: Excess water in the concrete mix, especially for residential work reduces the strength of the concrete. Although more water makes it easier to handle the concrete, as the concrete hardens and dries, the excess water is evaporated causing shrinkage. This is the main reason concrete cracks.

Rapid drying of the concrete: This comes back to the use of water, ensuring you don’t have too much water in the concrete mix is one thing. The second tip is to understand that if your concrete slabs dry too quickly shrinkage occurs and cracks appear. This is more likely to happen when it is hot, windy and low humidity. The key is to keep the surface moist or by using chemicals to slow down the evaporation process.

Ensure you use the right strength of concrete used for the specific job: Talk to a professional ready mix supplier about the concrete job you are planning on doing. They will help you assess and choose the right strength concrete that is the best suited for the job.

Do you have the right tools? It is paramount when laying concrete that you use the right tools for the job. Talisman Plant and tool hire have a selection of concrete finishing products and basic construction tools suitable for all your needs. Make sure you speak to one of their agents for the best advice for concrete pouring, cracks and construction rental.

Talisman Hire is your right plant hire partner!

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